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Riaz Whitemarker is the one who launched the Whitemarker skill share on 7 April 2014. He is the man who actually followed his passion and digged gold out of it. From childhood he was very talented artist and photographer and won many awards in school youth festivals. When he finished his school his brother advised him to learn DTP and it was the time when computers were being common.

When he started his training on DTP at that time he came to know about the designing software. His trainer Shaju guided him to the right path and helped him understand the possibilities of graphic designing. After that Riaz worked as a graphic designer for one and a half year in 2006. Later his trainer invited him to work as a trainer in the same institute where he finished studying and he worked there for 2 years.

It was just the starting of his journey which helped him to gain skills. Riaz was the photographer among his friends for the pleasure trips and he used to click and edit the photos and make it look like the film poster. He used to upload these Photos on Orkut.

He never leave an opportunity whether its small or big and tried to get the best out of it.  In 2011 he met Ajay Devloka and he offered him the poster designing work for a shorter film Nirvana. As there is saying:


“If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.”


He understood it well and worked so hard that it actually paid off and made the short film crew satisfied with his work. This finally opened the door to the film poster designing industry. He made his name in advertising and branding industry by that time and made many clients.

But with great success, always comes the struggle. Same was the case of Riaz. He struggled a lot to make it to the film industry. There was a night in the Ernakulam which changed his life. Riaz was in discussion with the film crew that night where he got humiliated by the crew. They rejected all his designs and gave him just a night to finish all the work. At the same time Mr. Shani Shaki, film photographer was looking for a designer for his new film and he contacted Riaz. After listening to what happened with Riaz, he offered him a job in his new film.

Riaz proved that he is not a person who falls down so easily or gets demotivated. He proved his hard work and talent by designing the first look of the poster in a single night. The crew was truly impressed by his hard work. After seeing his work they made him the official designer of the film and it proved as an achievement for him in the film industry but it was not easy as he had to take the membership of FEFKA to continue with the film. He struggled to find money as it was the starting of his career. At that time his mentor Shaju gave him 25000 which changed his life.

Finally in 2013, a big moment came when Riaz saw his name on the big screen and it was a golden year for him as in the same year the brand Whitemarker was born when he formed whitemarker media house.

Riaz always believed that his skills are God gifted and sharing that skill is a great thing to do which shows how down to earth the person he is. His belief led him to the launch of whitemarker skillshare. For the last five years many students across Kerala have been trained under white marker and are now pursuing their career in India and Abroad.

Riaz has touched the heights of success by making his name in Hollywood by being a part of the film Saint Dracula 3d, dam999 and designed the title for Kamsutra. He got an offer from the largest designing team of the country Marching Ants which he thankfully refused. Mr Raj Kathri suggested Riaz’s name to one of the famous designer’s magazine kyoorius and later they did an article on the success story of riaz.

Now whitemarker is continuing its journey successfully and planning their expansion across Kerala.